Setting Up Your Twitter Profile For Success

When setting up your Twitter account you want to keep in mind that you want to attract people that are interested in what you are promoting. Twitter makes this part easy and allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your profile page.

The biography is a very important part of your profile. You will have to clearly describe your business in 160 characters or less in a way that will attract interest. Your biography is one of the things that people read before they make the decision to follow you, so make it a good one.
It’s essential that you use a real photo of yourself over an image or company logo. Remember, we want to build consumers trust and gain creditability and if the consumer can’t attach a face to the brand or name, they will likely be hesitant to trust you and your advertised services. In addition, many consumers don’t want to be “sold” on something, they would much rather research products or services and in their own time make an informed decision. Often times, business logos as a profile picture, screams “pushy salesman.” Create a comfortable and friendly feel to your page and stay away from aggressive sale pitches.
Creating a customized background is a great way to make your Twitter page standout amongst the others. Twitter gives you the option to customize your Twitter page in a way that shows more of your personality and what your tweets will be about. For optimum business exposure, it’s a good idea to place your logo or website address in the background as the design. There are also several 3rd parties that can create custom made designs for your Twitter page background. If you do a web search on Twitter backgrounds, you will find several companies that specialize in this with low to no cost out of pocket. There are also tons of free Twitter backgrounds available for download.

When creating your profile username it is important that people can identify your company or business by the name alone. The very first thing that people see on your Twitter page is your profile picture, which should be a personal picture of yours truly, but the second thing is just as important and that is your username. Be creative and make sure that your niche of choice is part of your username. For example, if you are promoting products to help people lose weight, you should choose a username such as: @themasterdiet, @weightloss_team, @dieting123, etc…. This will help people to identify you and your services immediately. Also, Twitter has a search option where you can search by keywords for tweets, people and services that you may be interested in. Using the same example, if you are interested in “dieting” and you put that keyword into the search box, the Twitter account @dieting123 will be one of the likely options to appear in the search results because that’s the name of your Twitter accounts username.

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