Twitter For Newbies

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool that, if used correctly, can be effective in providing the same or even more income than your current full time career. It can be used as an essential marketing resource for your Internet business.

In its simplest form, Twitter is a social networking website that allows you to share a small fragment of your thoughts and opinions at the exact moment that it occurs with anyone that has opted-in to follow your tweets. Hence the catch phrase on the Twitter sign-up page, “What Are You Doing?” Twitter can be explained as the combination of Facebook, instant messaging and sms all rolled into one simple, yet brilliant package.
Your Twitter messages are mini messages no longer than 140 characters and are known as “tweets.” Your tweets along with those of the people that you are following are all displayed on a single page immediately after it’s tweeted. Your Twitter page is a constantly updated stream of news from yourself and everyone that you have opted-in to “follow.” That does not mean that all of your followers will receive your tweets, only those that have reciprocated and opted-in to follow you will receive your tweets. Therefore, if you are interested in creating a huge Twitter community with a loyal audience, you must keep your tweets engaging, funny and informative. Give your audience what they want… Keep in mind that although Twitter is an online social media tool, it is filled with millions of real people from all walks of life that are interested in finding solutions, being entertained or just looking for ways to keep in touch with their long lost friends.  
You might be thinking “wow, big deal” but there is massive potential in this mini social networking site to meet other like-minded people, share info and web site links and promote products and businesses. And those factors combined with the ability to gain thousands of followers make it a perfect platform for business.
In addition to sending “tweets” on Twitter, you can also do the following:
  • Allow 3rd party developers to manipulate your API and install an application on your Twitter page to enhance its capabilities.
  • Send direct messages to other Twitter members instead of broadcasting to everyone.
  • Have the option to use with most mobile devices.
  • Search for other Twitter users with the same interest or postings on specific topics.
Twitter is the most used and respected online social media tool in the world and has quickly become a goldmine for many business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are not yet a member, sign up here and find out what all of the fuss is about:

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