Marketing Through Twitter

For anyone interested in marketing through Twitter, there is a number one law to remember… “You Need Followers, and lots of them.”  I am not just referring to the quantity of followers, but rather the quality. You are looking for traffic from people that are interested in what you are promoting or selling. This is where it gets a bit tricky. It is fairly simple to get people to follow you, but are they the ones that want or need to purchase and support your products or services?

Many newbie and seasoned Twitter users constantly ask me how they can use the site more effectively for their business … and since Twitter is used by millions and millions of people globally, that is a smart question to find the answer to. The fact is, Twitter is a fantastic tool to promote any endeavor that you want to bring attention to. You can promote your offline business to locals, your website or blog to people most likely to be interested in that niche or simply choose to promote other peoples products and rake in a heavy commission after the sale. Simply put, Twitter can put cash in your pocket and if strategically manipulated, is capable of more than replacing your fulltime income. To do this successfully, you must first learn what the “internet marketer” gurus know and become the expert in their business. 

If you are excited about putting Twitter, this Internet Mega Monster, to the test by learning the most successful marketing strategies and how to implement them, you are not alone. This is a booming billion dollar business and you don’t want to left behind.

Developing an Internet Marketing business is like any other business. It shares the same business model and should be treated as such. Internet Marketing is a billion dollar business that affords anyone the opportunity to build a brand from the comfort of their home. Building a brand is however no easy task, online or offline. It is not possible to simply promote an item and expect for it to sell right away, it takes work and determination. The dark side of Internet Marketing is that people may initially be hesitant to trust you or your services due to increasing online fraudulent activity, and rightfully so. Internet Marketing has become a haven for scammers and other snake like people attempting to steal your hard earned money. To find success in this business there are a few key points to remember:

  • You must build trust with your audience by developing a relationship. Put a face to your brand… A personal picture will show people that you are human and not just a laptop screen. Share a personal bio of yourself with your audience. With this, people will be able to relate with you as a person and not just a salesman (or saleswoman in my case). There are several ways to develop relationships with your audience… Be creative and genuine and that personality will be seen in your services.
  • Promote only high quality products and services. Your goal is to build a business or brand that by default is attached to your name. You want your name to be synonymous with quality, excellence and superiority. This can only be accomplished by providing excellent products and services. This is what keeps your existing customers coming back and new ones coming in. Once the quality of your business decreases, so will your number of customers.
  • Build a professional looking website or blog. Build a professional looking website or blog with relevant content. You want something that is attractive to your audience at first glance. You want them to know that you provide “quality…” And for online businesses, your website and blogs appearance is the first indicator of that.
  • Build credibility for consistent growth. As a “newbie” a great way to build credibility is by posting a list of reviews and comments from consumers and well known and respected online personalities. Your goal is to build credibility on the premises that you are the number one expert in your niche and that you offer the best quality product or service. If you can successfully accomplish this, you can virtually dominate your market.

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